Real novel

I gave up books because

I fell into a story of my own.

Love is found in real life

And my romantic heart can vouch for this.


rewind, please.

i wouldn’t blame you even if the cravings lied,

but how could you move the world,

when all your power was caught up in your image.

i wouldn’t blame you if you had told me the truth,

but how could you leave that morning,

when all your power was trapped inside that one room.

i wouldn’t blame you if the lonely drives weren’t reminiscent,

but how could you abandon my weak frame,

when all your power was the only reason i had a constant heartbeat.

don’t leave again.

summer of 2009

why did we hide in fear behind a tv screen

lustfully disguised with aching minds

the world moved us

don’t blame me.


is this new for you,

it shakes away your trust.

divulged into a thick gloom,

i didn’t see that you were my gateway


nothing hurts like you,

gloom aches,

gloom beats,

gloom escapes,

i’m lost in your gloom.

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