Myself within myself 

Fragmented minds,

Empty glasses,

Bloated questions,

Desperate dream,

Sanctioned heartbeats,

Lonely beds.


wandering & wondering

blue legs lead me

as i travel towards her.

Entrenched by the

habits of my own mind.

How shall i speak

when my heart begins to fade.

Earthlings inspired

Fear not my sister,

My brother.

Fellow users of the splendour will dissapear

As my family extends into the sea and forest,

And ill continue to cry out for them.

take me part II.

Changing form like the beat she posses,



electrical fluctuations from cool to commanded

for she flicks that switch.

As she shudders with nervous breaths,



her hands strangle my neck

as my heart desires.

Real novel

I gave up books because

I fell into a story of my own.

Love is found in real life

And my romantic heart can vouch for this.

rewind, please.

i wouldn’t blame you even if the cravings lied,

but how could you move the world,

when all your power was caught up in your image.

i wouldn’t blame you if you had told me the truth,

but how could you leave that morning,

when all your power was trapped inside that one room.

i wouldn’t blame you if the lonely drives weren’t reminiscent,

but how could you abandon my weak frame,

when all your power was the only reason i had a constant heartbeat.

don’t leave again.

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