The Author

A freelance journalist/author/blogger who is hoping to change and impact peoples lives through questioning and inspiring their decisions. I am a lover of all genders/race/ethnicities, really any walk of life that are true to themselves and do not oppress others for their differences. My  interests are horror movies (pop culture in general), writing, skateboarding, music, NBA/NHL/NFL & gaming. Currently i am studying creative arts and working on a few novels/scripts in my spare time. Yet, nothing compares to my passion for poetry and storytelling of love and heartbreak, depression and recovery and survival and achievement.

Here, you will find all my attempts at writing poetry that i hope will help anyone that reads it. Whether it does or doesn’t i will keep writing, as that is why i am an artist, not for fame or professional glory, but ultimately for helping others and giving voice and imagery to those who are in need, like art does for me.


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