LOVE – The reason for my existence

Lyrics were my band-aid, but writing is my saviour . My numerous adversities and heart breaks lead to shaky nights alone with earbuds full of ambience that held me tight. From music and listening to screams of rough endearment to my own hand letting ink stream down paper after paper i realised love is real, love is fun, love is painful, love is scary and love is sacred . Writing poetry helped me understand all this. Love is all around us, in war, politics (one in the other), music, art, books, tv and even within the perfect existence of my pet spoodle. This blog is dedicated to uncovering and sharing love in all its forms through the art of poetry. I hope to help others the way the words that spread from my mind helps me, by letting me unchain the heavy shackles of pain and sorrow from past heartless romances, whilst also overloading anyone that cares to listen with stories and words of passion, love, and support that my new love has given me. Love is the most powerful phenomenon is this world, and here is where i will show you all how i came to believe it.

Mitch x


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